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HOF book study

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A few quick reminders (nags) about the book study.


1.)  I have received a few comments that people almost forgot to do the chapter summary assignment in module 10.  Please look carefully, module 10 has an assignment for a chapter summary in addition to the forum posting.  This assignment is required for final completion of the course.  (Thanks for the heads up on this Debbie)


2.)  All postings and assignments must be completed by December 15.


Thank you...nagging over...you may return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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    This thread shall now be the official reminder and pestering thread for the HOF book study


    Reminder: Today is December 1 and the book study must be COMPLETED by December 15.  So you have 2 weeks left to finish the book study.


    About two weeks to a month ago was a great time to start the book study...that time has passed...now is a great time to finish the book study!


    To date, of 43 MTM participants:


    3 have finished the entire book study (fantastic job folks!)

    7 more are over halfway done (keep up the good work, the end is in sight...)

    7 more have completed at least one module, but have more than half of the book study to go (nice start, but it's time to crank it out...)

    12 have logged in, but not even completed one assignment or forum posting

    14 have never even logged into the moodle system


    Please remember folks, you made a commitment to this grant and are wanting a stipend and/or materials...you need to uphold your end of the bargain and do your work.


    I will post another reminder and set of completion statistics in about a week.


    Please get the work done...I don't like having to be a grouch.

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      It is time to get very busy and very serious with the HOF Book Study.


      Today is Thursday, December 8, 2011 and there is now EXACTLY ONE WEEK REMAINING TO COMPLETE THE HOF BOOK STUDY!


      This weekend is the last weekend you have to work on the book study.


      Please complete the obligations you made to the grant...you have been enjoying the technology and want your stipends...it is thusly your responsibility to complete your assignments.


      A few people are making valiant and methodical progress on the book study (thank you to those), but we still have 13 participants that have never logged into the system.


      Do not claim you were never notified that deadlines were approaching.


      Good luck and I look forward to hopefully seeing many more completions in the next few day

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        Last nag...




        11 people are completed...congratulations


        4-6 more can easily finish in time


        26 total have completed at least one assignment.


        The rest...we shall not discuss any more.


        Please do not forget about the chapter summary homework assignment in module 10.  This is the only module that has an assignment in addition to the forums.


        I have been in contact with Christine and she is aware of your progress.


        There are some procrastinators that have just started in the past few days, but they are working at a furious pace and can finish if they really push it.


        I really just want to send accolades about your hard work, not these nags to do your work.  So PLEASE...finish the book study by the deadline tomorrow.


        Thanks for your efforts,



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          Book Study Participants,


          Please be sure to verify that your final grade is 25 before you consider yourself done with the online course.


          I was just reviewing the grades and there are at least two participants that lack only one more component to finish the course.  One lacks a module 10 summary assignment and another did the module 10 summary, but not the forum posting.


          Once your score is 25, you are complete.


          Again, please double check your work to make sure ALL components are complete and your grade is 25.


          Thank you.



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            Amazing work last night.  You folks must enjoy cliffhangers, drama, and exciting endings!


            A huge number of people burned the midnight oil and submitted an enormous amount of responses and summaries.


            20 people are now completed!  Bravo and Brava!


            2 more people have 3 activities or less to complete.  Keep up the good work.


            2 more are about halfway done, but have shown great progress.  (One of these two completed an amazing 11 assignments last night alone with multiple, thoughtful postings in each assignment.  Wow...your fingers must be blistered from typing at that ferocious pace...good job and keep up the good work)


            Christine has told me that a few of the others who have not completed any assignments dropped out of the grant ages ago.  Unfortunately,  the exact names of these individuals were not provided so that the online roster was not updated.


            Lastly, we have a few new grant members who just recently joined the grant.


            Thusly, there are extenuating circumstances as to why some of the participants have not made more progress on the online course.


            You all are doing fantastically with this project...thank you for your efforts.


            Keep up the good work and let's see if we can't get a few more completers today!

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              Oh how I hate posting these...oh how you hate reading these...deadline reminders!


              OK folks...it has been a great vacation, but time is again drawing short on the book study.  If you recall the deadline was extended to January 31, but now this it only 2 1/2 weeks away.  Please complete the book study if you still need to and thanks to those that have finished all 25 activities.


              As a heads up, please look at the course grades to verify you have credit for all the activities that you have completed.  If you find ANY DISCREPANCIES, please contact me immediately.


              Thanks again,



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                This will be the last reminder.


                The extension of the completion deadline for the book study expires January 31, 2012, i.e. the book study ends this Tuesday.


                For those you you that still need to finish, please do so soon.


                If anyone has any questions about credit for postings or the homework assignments, please send me email at rrupp@delmar.edu and I will try to address your concerns as quickly as I can.


                Thank you to all of you who participated and a special thank you to all of you who completed all 25 components.


                It was a pleasure running this online course for you.



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