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Resources for Student Videos and Videoconferences

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Just some examples from my colleague...any others you would share?


SchoolTube Channel "dedicated to videos from students around the country about 9/11 and thier tributes."



BLUtube Channel - Heroes in Blue tribute videos (some about 9-11 created by students, submitted by teacher)



Battleship New Jersey : Battleship New Jersey in the War on Terror http://www.vccontentproviders.org/viewprogram.php?pid=3112
The Battleship New Jersey entered the Beirut Crisis in 1983 after the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon. This class will examine the battleship's role in that war as well as the background of the Middle East and the war on terror. Preparatory materials for this class will include maps of the area which will aid students not only in a better geographic understanding of the Middle East, but will also demonstrate where lines have been drawn to divide ethnicities and members of various religious beliefs.

1. An introduction to what the Beirut Crisis was.
2. Background of Middle East since WWII
3. Formation of Isreal and affects on Arab World
4. Connection to past events and the present war on terror

The participant will:
-evaluate the effectiveness of the methods of dealing with the Lebanese conflicts in both 1983 and in 2006
-have a better understanding of terrorism and the Middle East


Battleship New Jersey : "Eyewitness to American History"

Relive history through the eyes of the men and women who served this great nation. In this 45-minute program, your students will have the opportunity to conduct an exercise in oral history with a veteran of America's military forces. Participating veterans are from all branches of the military and this program can be customized to fit the time period you are focusing on in your classroom.


1. The program begins with and introduction and welcome to the Battleship New Jersey from our instructor.
2. Students will be given a brief overview of the Battleship New Jersey's history.
3. The participating veteran will share his/her military experience with the students.
4. Various artifacts will be utilized to reinforce presentation.
5. Students will "interview" the veteran.


The participant will:


-engage in a discussion about the experiences of military veterans.


-explore the Battleship New Jersey's role in various conflicts.

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