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Fireside Chats: Are you curious enough to be a science teacher?

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Are there people you would like to invite into your living room for a fireside chat? My next choice to share with you is Robert Full, who approaches science with the curiosity of a child and shares his innovative view of the roles for teachers and learners.

I learned the scientific method in school and practiced it in Science Fair projects. I taught the scientific method and had my students replicate its use to answer their questions and create their own Science Fair projects, but is it possible there are other ways  of finding world-changing results. See how Robert Full and his students studied gecko's feet and how these beneficial discoveries could eventually save lives.



Quote by Robert Full, "Curiosity-based research leads to the biggest benefits because you don't know what can't be done."


Will you change anything about your eaching method to match Robert's style of teaching?

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