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Has Common Core been misunderstood?

Jeanne Rogers Apprentice
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There have been recent news reports and blog posts concerning the continued controversy over Common Core.  Here's what some are saying:

  • "...the public debate on Common Core has drifted away from a discussion of standards."
  • "There have been groups formed, such as Florida Parents Against Common Core and the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition..."

Read more here: Politics take center stage in Common Core controversy.


It was shared recently that a worksheet in a 5th grade Pearson textbook contained political information:

CC-worksheet2.jpgPJ Media

Supporters continue to defend the standards stating increased rigor and more challenging work will result in students who are better prepared with 21st Century Skills.


I wonder if all of the reading I've done has actually made me all the more confused.  Are the Common Core Standards misunderstood?

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    Marcia Torgrude Apprentice
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    I believe that the Common Core standards have been misunderstood.  This is the way it was put to me to share with others:

    Do we all have to the same standards for time, measurement, monetary units, etc. If we didn't and each state had their own, or if there were no standards at all for this, can you imagine the issues we would have? Think about homes being built, the type of electrical wire and the way it must be wired, the plumbing standards, and much more. We hope that our homes are built to these high, rigorous standards so we don't have to worry about fire, or storms knocking them down.


    So now if we consider the standards of the past, each state had their own and each made their own tests. How valid were those tests when comparing across state lines? Then to compare globally is even more of a struggle.


    I would like to share a few links that have been shared by some of the states to help educators, parents, students, and the general public understand the value of the Common Core Standards:


    If any of you are edu.symbaloo.org users, you can search the symbaloo gallery for a Common Core Webmix which provides a multitude of great resources to understand and implement the Common Core standards.


    If you are a Pinterest user, here is my board for the Common Core that many of my Pinterest friends have helped to develop: Common Core Standards

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