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What improvements are needed in our society to support mobile devices and mobile learning?

Jeanne Rogers Apprentice
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I've just returned from a three week visit to Italy.  Spent time visiting family friends and visiting the major cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice.  In my travels, I took only a 3rd generation iPod for connecting to family and friends.  I used a Canon PowerShot 8.0 mega pixel camera for my photos.


At St. Peter's Basilica in Rome my view of Pope Francis was often blocked by those individuals using iPads for photos.  I never realized how the size of the iPad could interfere in that manner.  Wonder if the user realizes it?


For the most part, the hotels I stayed in did provide free WiFi and that was great.  However, the biggest issue seemed to be finding power to recharge during my outings. I asked if there were charging stations while at the airport in Munich, but that isn't something automatically provided. I was able to plug my adapter in a hallway though, but standing there for 15-20 minutes was a bit awkward.  It made me realize how dependent we are, not only on our devices, but on the power needed to recharge them.


What do we need to do as a society to support mobile devices?

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    Jane Brown Master
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    Love seeing your photo from your trip!


    Sounds to me like developing longer-lasting batteries would be a good support by society for all mobile devices: digital camera during an international outing, smartphone that can last for more than a day, and electric car that can driven out of town.


    Where are you going this summer? was a very popular discussion in the Community Hub this summer.  Perhaps you can start one that is evergreen.  Teachers travel year round and we love to hear where our colleagues are going, what they are learning, and rather they plan to use their travels in their teaching.

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    mwinterr@pasco.k12.fl.us New User
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    What a beautiful picture you captured with a panorama of St. Peter's Square and Pope Francis waiting to speak!  Yes, I am sure that many of us have been behind those people with iPads while straining to take a picture without them in the middle!  I am sure they are not aware of the space they take up in "our" pictures!  ...but your picture turned out great - EVEN with the iPad in the foreground!

    Also, I think that until you travel in other countries, people don't realize how spoiled we are with all the conveniences that we have here in the good ole USA!! From free WI-FI, electricity, and fast-food restaurants - not to mention our freedoms - we have much to be thankful for!  I think that airports, restaurants, and other hotspots here in America are making it pretty easy to connect and charge our mobile devices.

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