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Helpful? Harmful? What do you think about "fat letters"?

Jane Brown Master
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21 States gather BMI readings on students but what are they doing with this information?


10/8/13: Florida - video from ABC

9/24/13: Massacusetts - video from CNN

9/12/13: Massachusetts - video from ABC


Would you, as a teacher, send out a "fat letter" to those students in your classroom who were considered obese? How would a child feel if he or she was sent home with one of these "fat letters"?  How would you respond to your child if they brought home a "fat letter"?  How would you respond to the school?

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    Lynne Hoffman Apprentice
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    Having been an overweight child, I dealt with many hurtful comments from other students.  Now my experience would be called "bullying."  I would have been even more humiliated if I had been given a "fat letter" to read and take home to my parents.


    I understand the reason behind the "fat letters" because especially in the USA, we have a growing number of obese children and that adversely affects their health as adults.  However, I think the letters should be mailed directly to parents so they have the opportunity to present the information to their children in a loving and caring environment.  It may offend some parents to receive these letters, but it also may make them aware of ways they can help their children improve their lifestyle, eating habits, academic success, peer relationships, etc.


    Both educators and parents can be strong role models for young adults and guide them in making good decisions that impact their future.

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