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Preparing students for careers in engineering

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Yet another state ranking:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/11/state-education-rankings-_n_894528.html


How do you feel your district performs with preparing students for careers in engineering?  I do not feel that I was very prepared, coming from a private high school in New York.  I was completely outperformed in some of my college engineering classes by students coming from more affluent suburban towns, or from specialized high schools focused on math and science in the city.  Many of those who struggled like I did eventually transferred to other less demanding schools within the university or dropped out altogether.  I perservered and eventually graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.


How do you encourage students to pursue the math and sciences and prepare them for a career in engineering?

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    Thanks for bringing up this important topic!  I think one way to encourage students' interest in engineering is to emphasize the excitement of innovation and to explore how engineering shapes our world.  Kids may have an inaccurate view of what it means to be an engineer and expanding that view can help foster a love of math and science.


    Science NetLinks created a collection of resources for  National Engineers Week to highlight the ways engineering factors into our lives.  These resources include:


    Discover Engineering - A tool that includes videos on the science behind shoe design, the biomechanics of skateboarding, and roller coaster design.


    The Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers - A video series and site from the makers of PBS's NOVA. Every two weeks, Secret Life premieres another set of videos about a new scientist or engineer who happens to have a secret.


    Make a Mission - A lesson in which kids explore the purpose and constraints of technology by designing a spacecraft for a mission to Mercury.


    Integrated Design Engineering Activity Series (IDEAS) - A tool that identifies low-cost, "hands-on" engineering projects for use in middle-school math, science, and technology classes.



    Science NetLinks

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    What a great article. Thanks.

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      Thank you for touching on this important STEM topic.  We are helping our students in the area of civil engineering.  Out teachers at Super School Online Univiersity are working on the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Enhanced STEM Project.  Students in the USA and 34 other countries will work on enhanced STEM teams.  They are going to use the unihabited island of Santa Luzia Cape Verde as a foundation to build a new virtual island.  Our goal is to build the worlds most perfect island.  In phase one of the project, we will work with custom software and cloud technology.  Our student civil engineers interns will study at Jr. Engineering School. They will learn how to work with urban planners and student architects.  Students will use ePortfolios,individual educational planners, and custom software for iPads, Mac's and iPhones.  Progress reports and new planning ideas will be reported on the Kids Talk Radio Science Show.  Your students have an opportunity to join these STEM conversations from your classrooms.


      Thank you for getting the ball rolling.  I will point my students and teachers in this direction.



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    Discussion regarding STEM education continues to be in the forefront of recent publications. This article's main focus is on encouraging female students to pursue STEM careers.

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