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What online tools are good for teaching writing?

Lynne Hoffman Apprentice
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Has anyone used Inklewriter to create an adventure-style, interactive story?  On Inklewriter, students write each paragraph (or less) as an independent piece that they can connect to other pieces of their story. They can take the story into many directions and then piece them together from their menu of paragraphs.  Do you see ways you can use this to help students develop their writing skills?


Another writing tool is Playfic that lets students write their own text-based, adventure stories. Free Technology for Teachers has a blog post by Richard Byrne in which he discusses Playfic. Byrne states, "When authors plan and write their stories they can include multiple paths for readers to pursue as they progress through their stories. Readers navigate through the stories by entering directional commands such as 'go north' and 'go south.'  Click here to try a sample story and learn a bit about the logic of Playfic."


Byne adds, "I love the idea of having students use Playfic to create and share stories with each other. Writing stories on Playfic requires creativity and logical reasoning. While writing their stories, students can click on a preview.  If students have errors in the logic, when they click on the preview Playfic will point those out and explain the errors so that the errors can be corrected."


What do you think of these online writing tools?  Do you have others to suggest?



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