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waiting on site to load

kparchman New User
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I spend more time waiting on the site to load! Is anyone else having this issue? Every other website on our network is running great. For the last few days I have seen MAJOR lag in Thinkfinity. I am doing a training on Tuesday and I don't want to wait wait wait....



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    Jane Brown Master
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    The good news is I am not experiencing the lag you speak of.


    Have you tried using Thinkfinity from a different computer on a different network? Is your experience the same?


    Try clearing your cache and history to see if that speeds up your browsing access on Thinkfinity Community. Lynne and Marc, do you have any other ideas for Kary. I know Lynne had a similar experience several days ago.  Has that cleared up for you, Lynne.


    Check back here and see if others have suggestions.



    Jane Brown, Thinkfinity Community Manager

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    mjohnson Novice
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    Hi Kary:


    Like Jane, I am curious about whether other computers or users on the same network as you are also experiencing this problem?


    It does sound like a caching issue. If you have more than one web browser installed on your computer (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) then try Thinkfinity in a different browser. Do you still have the same issue? If not, then we want to clear the browsing data (cache, history, etc) from the browser it isn't working in. If you have the same problem with multiple browsers, then we want to clear the DNS cache on your computer. If you let me know the operating system you are using, I can give you instructions. If everyone at your organization is having the same trouble, then it might be a network issue.


    Let me know the answers to those questions. You can post here or send me a private message and I'll get in contact with you to help.



    Marc Johnson

    Verizon Thinkfinity Community Host

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