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Can you help me speed up my surfing?

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There is so much to do in this Thinkfinity Community and I just want to work faster to be able to collect all of the great ideas shared by the experts who write for you.  Any tips on speeding up my surfing?

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    Jane Brown Master
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    Ahhh, Jason.  You don't say what browser you are using to surf so here are a few tips that you can apply to your browser, whichever one you may using to surf:


    1.  Clear your browsing history

    Internet browsers store information about each website you visit. After a few days that data can begin to slow down how fast pages load.



    --To delete your history in Internet Explorer, select Tools, Internet Options, and the General tab.  Then under Browsing History, click Delete.

    --In Firefox, choose Tools, Clear Recent History.

    --In Google Chrome, select Customize and control Google Chrome  icon, chose History and Clear all browsing data....


    2.  Pare down bookmarks in your browser

    Limit yourself to 20 or so bookmarks in your browser.


    --In Internet Explorer, go to File, then choose Export to a File. Choose Favorites, and open the HTML file it saves. Copy and paste the links into a Word document.

    --In Firefox, open Bookmarks, copy the ones you want, and paste into a Word doc.

    --In Chrome, go to Bookmarks, Bookmark Manager, Organize > Export bookmarks to HTML file... Open the HTML document it saves, copy all, and paste into a Word doc.


    But, I have to tell you that it is so easy to bookmark my favorite resources in Thinkfinity Community and tag them to easily find any bookmark on any computer at work or at home that my browser bookmarks are not difficult to restrict anymore.


    3.  Trim toolbars

    The toolbar at the top of your browser window that offers options such as back or forward can slow down your surfing. If you don't use a tool several times a day, delete it.


    --In Firefox, go to Tools, Add-ons, and Disable Toolbars.

    --In Internet Explorer, select Toolbars on the View menu, then clear the check box for the tools you want to delete.

    --Chrome is pretty sleek as it is.


    I do think you will want to add one tool to your browser, no matter which one you use.  In Thinkfinity Community, select Browse > Bookmarks on the dark red navigation bar and in the left menu select Install bookmarklet for easy bookmarking of any resource you find in Thinkfinity or when you are surfing in general.  These bookmarks will be saved in your Thinkfinity account.  Tagged appropriately they are easy to save and find from any computer at home or at work.

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