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Thoughts on using iPads for Benchmark testing?

Susan Hausrath New User
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My students were scheduled to take their Benchmark testing. I was booted from computer lab. There were some other things that took priority. I was becoming very frustrated. Although technology is available at the school, it is limited. We have an iPad lab and I wondered if I could give the Benchmark on the iPad. This is for math, so all the answers are multiple choice. I tried it out on my own iPad. It seemed to work, so the iPad lab was free and I snatched it up and gave my Benchmark. It went great! The students were able to easy zoom in and out on text, graphs, and charts. I was just wondering if this being done by others. Problems? Concerns?


I am going to try the Instructional Probes on Acuity next, so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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    amfgordon New User
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    I have found that many students are more adept at using the iPad than the mouse on the computer or laptop. Their generation is growing up with the swipe technology so I hear from more and more teachers that young students coming in try to touch the monitor to interact with the computer like an iPad. I am all for whatever works best for the individual student. I find myself even using my iPad often times over the laptop. Here is a link to a dicussion that might give you some ideas on other uses as well.

    Re: iPad in the classroom

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    mjohnson Novice
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    Hi Susan:


    I've been an advocate of using mobile technology for testing for some time. I too become frustrated when we lose so much instructional time in computer labs (and mobile labs!) to testing. I'm glad it worked for you in this case. I have learned, however, that there are sometimes reasons that such tests cannot be done on mobile technologies, so I provide this just so others can understand some of those reasons. It will vary by state or locality and the type of test that is being taken.


    Some standardized tests - or those provided by publishers or other organizations will not work on mobile devices as they may use technologies like Java or Flash that are unsupported on some mobile devices. There are also considerations about wireless access. Schools may not have a robust enough wireless network to allow for the number of connections and data streaming necessary for some tests. And... there are sometimes proprietary browsers or applications necessary to take the tests that are not available for mobile devices.


    All that said, I think we will see more and more testing materials available for wireless devices as they become more pervasive in our schools. I encourage people to look into the possibilities and hopefully many of you will have the successful experience that Susan did!


    Marc Johnson

    Verizon Thinkfinity Community Host

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    lmwright New User
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    I hope to follow you on this one -- we currently are benchmarking on computers and BY PAPER!  Oh I know that sounds awful but there isn't enough time to get everyone onto the computers.  We have a new ipad lab that I hadn't thought about trying so this is encouraging! thanks!

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