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Is making the SAT/ACT optional a good or bad thing for college applicants?

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Getting accepted into a college can be a difficult thing for many students based on several different factors--finances, limited spots, the competitive GPA and extracurricular/experiences possessed by the applicant pool, and scores on standardized tests, to name a few. Recent studies show that more colleges are making standardized tests less of a priority than in the past when accepting students. What do you think about this trend?


Article: More Colleges and Universities Dropping SAT or ACT Admissions Requirement | Education on GOOD


List of schools de-emphasizing scores: SAT/ACT Optional 4-Year Universities | FairTest

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    ACT is a qualitative assessment while SAT is a quantitative assessment.  ACT is a test which is excellent for the inquiry-based, experiential learner and creator.  The SAT solidifies the one way, more rote assessible information and those who are less into questioning and more into data that may evolve but is not so needed in a particular field.  Unfortunately, all fields, now are constantly evolving, so SAT scores and ACT scores are rising and falling, depending on the schooling an individual has had since 1st grade on and the familial allowance of questioning and change.  There is a need for a new assessment, which takes both into account in every question, which asks each single question in at least 3 ways while answers are given in the same learning style, focusing on types of intelligences mixing fist that are most seen and tested via facilitators at that level.  Even though this would still not be thought of as truth, it would be the most fair, which is reliable.   However, testing, beginning in K or before, must change, as well. 

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