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Trainers:  Including Community Groups in Trainings

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Now that the Community is growing and many new groups are forming, this is another resource trainers can offer participants depending on the time allotment for a training session.  As trainers, we can show participants how to locate groups and join them.


I became aware of the importance of groups this week while training site coordinators who in turn will be using Thinkfinity resources in trainings for afterschool instructors, parents, mentors, and volunteers.  I encouraged these new trainers to join the group The specified item was not found. since they are part of a community organization in Richmond, VA.  They were pleased to know a network of people with similar interests and needs was so readily available. 


It's also important to remember that we can encourage new trainees to start their own groups if the need arises and if there is someone willing to be responsible as the group owner and leader.


Lynne Hoffman

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    Lynne Hoffman Apprentice
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    Just a reminder to trainers that the Groups area of the Community continues to grow weekly.  There are groups devoted to many different subject areas and grade levels.  For a comprehensive search of groups, use the gold navigation bar and Browse All>Groups.  Use existing tags or a keyword search to locate a group in the directory.  Groups can be sorted by Recent Activity, Newest, or A-Z. 


    Since I usually train Virginia teachers, I recommend that they join the The specified item was not found. group during a training session.  That way participants have the experience of becoming group members and seeing the benefits of belonging to a group. 


    I recommend that trainers encourage their trainees to join a group as part of their training experience.


    As a trainer, what group(s) have you shared during your trainings?  What responses have you received from participants regarding groups?



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