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Who had the greatest impact on your childhood?

Lynne Hoffman Apprentice
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For my generation, Captain Kangaroo taught lessons in morality with the help of his friends: Mr. Green Jeans, Mr. Moose, and Mr. Rabbit, among others.  I rarely missed eating my breakfast with Captain Kangaroo.


When my children were growing up, they enjoyed Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, now available on a PBS Kids website.  The show taught children the important issues of life, such as being friendly, sharing, and honest.  It also featured an imaginary world with puppets living in a medieval-type kingdom.


I was pleased to see that You Tube has now posted Mister Rogers Remixed/Garden of the Mind by Symphony of Science's John D. Boswell for PBS Digital Studios.  The mash-up is bringing back fond memories of the man who influenced so many lives.  If you have not seen this video, I suggest you watch it and enjoy the song and nostalgia.



Were Captain Kangaroo or Mr. Rogers important people in your life? 


Who had the greatest impact on your childhood?  What valuable lesson did that individual teach you?



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    cmuller Novice
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    Hi Lynne Hoffman,


    My friend Shauna and I grew up watching Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. We watched it again as college students. I think the show indirectly and directly taught people to be friendly, honest and remember to share. I also watched Captain Kangaroo too.



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      haileegirl New User
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      My fourth grade teacher had the greatest impact on my life.  He taught me to be kind and patient and understanding when others are having trouble learning.  He taught me how to help and teach other my knowledge.  He is the reason I am a teacher and the reason I show that same patience and kindness to those struggling in my classroom.  I give them the support they need to overcome their obstacles, not the defeat which shoves them down further.

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    alsachs New User
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    I loved Mr. Rogers when I was growing up. There was something about his soothing voice, calming matter and ability to teach children lessons effortlessly that I hope gets passed down to my own children.


    I also watched a lot of Lamb Chop - that little lamb had a lot of sass and humor.


    Right now, I would say that Seseame Street does a greet job of teaching children both socially and educationally - but I just sometimes have to drown out the sound of Baby Bear!


    I would say that my brother and sister had the biggest impact on me. I wanted to be just like them and was always striving to be smarter/faster/bigger to join in on all of the fun.

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