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Are you using QR Codes?

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Quick Response Codes, or QR codes, are popping up all over the place. These black and white bar codes provide an easy way for mobile users to scan and get information quickly and directly to their phone. Last year, I attended a conference session about using QR codes in education, but I hadn't heard much more about it until this article, Cool Schools: Using QR Codes for Learning and Fitness at Chesterbrook Elementary. In this article, a fitness teacher uses QR codes to make workout stations. At each station, students scan the QR code and watch a short video created by the teacher demonstrating the exercise. Using these videos free up the teacher to monitor and guide students through the different stations.


While doing some research on this topic, I already found lots of bookmarks in the community on QR codes. Here are a few interesting ones:


Beginner's Guide to QR Codes by Frank Buck > Eye On Education


QR Codes in the Classroom - Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything


45 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes to Support Learning



What do you think about using QR codes in the classroom?





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    I am seeing QR codes used by teachers in the schools I work with on printed materials (homework, elementary weekly newsletters, etc.) for students and parents to access additional online resources associated with the printed material. Seems pretty effective for that purpose.


    I find that teachers sometimes think students (or parents) won't know what to do with new technology like this. Often, of course, based on the fact that they don't understand it. My son receives the National Geographic Kids magazine at home and they often have QR codes He is 9 now, but over a year ago, I remember him asking if he could use my phone to read the code. I had no idea he knew anything about it and I didn't even need to find the app for him. Within a minute he found the app, scanned the code and was reading the information that it presented to him.


    Kids know how to use the technology, we just need to find more relevant ways to use it for learning!

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    Lynne Hoffman Apprentice
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    This is certainly a new teaching tool that should really engage students.  I saw a blog post today titled, Decode QR Codes without a Camera, by Richard Byrne from Free Technology for Teachers.  He mentions that QR codes require the use of a camera phone or webcam.  Now Google Chrome has an extension called QRreader (free beta version) that allows you to decode QR codes using a web browser. 


    He also references other posts that relate to QR codes:



    How do students like using QR codes that you develop in your lessons?



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    I read a blog post--Replace Your Textbook with QR codes--in Tech & Learning (January 15, 2013) that suggested teachers design their own "virtual textbook, chapter by chapter or learning concept by learning concept with one page QR sheets.  An advantage to a QR code textbook is that the teachers can quickly and easily change any critical material."  Harry Tuttle, the author of the post, sees this as a solution for teachers who do not like textbooks.


    Do you think teachers will adopt QR sheets and/or chapters in place of textbooks?

    Are QR sheets and chapters better for teaching than textbooks?

    Do you think QR codes will become a trend to avoid the high cost of textbooks?

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      cmuller Novice
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      Hi Lynne Hoffman,


      Before reading the above article I had not heard of QR sheets.  I have taught using essential questions. I think textbooks are good for teaching but we can create our own QR sheets as supplemental materials in our lessons.


      Christine Muller

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