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What are some tips for creating great passwords?

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Have you struggled with remembering passwords; meeting requirements for a minimum number of letters, numbers, and/or symbols; or having to change passwords after a specified time period?


Christine McGuinness raised the question in an earlier discussion regarding tips for overcoming “password fatigue.”  She wondered if “anyone has a system for passwords that they feel keeps their identity safe yet doesn't drive them crazy with trying to remember the log-ins to different sites.”  She added one of her own tips—“use  a word game to invent your password like what we used to call ‘pig latin’ where every word was written with the first letter moved to the end with the affix 'ay'.  Oinggay otay hetay rocerygay toresay would be 'going to the grocery story. ‘  That would certainly get you a unique password!”


Several Community members have offered suggestions in previous posts:

  • wizzlewolf commented that she uses four passwords which she rotates; she stores them on an index card next to her computer.
  • Michael Keller suggested using foreign place names or “imagine you're creating license plates for your car.  I'm sure you can come up with some meaningful and easily-remembered passwords like kngcrmsn (that's King Crimson, a rock band) or tlknghds (Talking Heads).”
  • Julie Spoerl mentioned that she incorporates “the name of the website into a usual password.  For instance if your usual password is ‘snow,’ the Thinkfinity password could be ‘snowthinkfinity.'  If you incorporate a number, symbol, and capital into your usual password (example:  I8snow!) then it should always work!  If you are required to change your password often, it might not work as well.  Maybe you can add a number to the end and change that number each time.”
  • Theresa Gibbon likes the pc tool password generator.


I especially like Password Bird | Password Generator for creating new passwords. 



What tips do you have for making passwords that are easy to remember and difficult to hack?



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