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Do you have friggatriskaidekaphobia?

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The term friggatriskaidekaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th. There is only one Friday the 13th in 2011.  Will you do anything differently today because it is Friday the 13th (or you may have just noticed it as I did)?


Update: Happy Friday 13, 2012!


  • There are always at least 1 and at most 3 Friday 13ths in each year.
  • There will be two more Friday 13ths this year, 2012, in April and July.
  • A year with 3 Friday 13ths occurs only once approximately every 11 years.



Is Friday the 13th a particularly unlucky day? It could be, if you believe it is. Just as some prophecies are self-fulfilling, some beliefs are self-validating. 

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