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Did you know deSTEMber can last all year long?

mwedwards Posted by mwedwards in Wonderopolis for Educators on Dec 20, 2013 6:49:40 AM

Have you heard of Girlstart?

Girlstart is an organization with a mission to empower girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Girlstart’s core programs foster STEM skills development, an understanding of the importance of STEM as a way to solve the world’s major problems, as well as an interest in STEM electives, majors, and careers.

A recent study found that Girlstart’s After School program is the most robust STEM program for girls in the country!

Their DeSTEMBer initiative provides 31 days of STEM-based activities.

Wonderopolis is included in one of those days!

Here is the google hangout Girlstart and Wonderopolis did recently:

So after watching, I decided that my daughter and I are going to attempt to create a Rube Goldberg Machine while we are home for Christmas break …

We will have to see what happens!