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Wondering about patents and inventions ...

mwedwards Posted by mwedwards in Wonderopolis for Educators on May 14, 2013 8:34:45 PM

medium_1510071674.jpgOn the way home from school last week, I asked my daughter to tell me something she had learned at school this week.

I was expecting her to say, “I don’t remember” like she does on a regular basis (I then ask questions until I get an answer), but she surprised me this week by answering right away: Garrett Morgan.

I asked her to tell me more after we got home …

She told me he was an inventor, but it was not until reading the information in this Garret Morgan Biography that I realized just how many patents he had …

Would you like to be an inventor?

Would you like to get some patents?

There is a past Wonder of the Day about Patents ….

#99 What is a Patent?

When a new invention is created, developers often invest thousands — or even millions — of dollars into the product or idea. Once the invention is complete, how do they prevent others from stealing their idea and unfairly profiting from it? Smart inventors patent their new creation.


photo credit: tk-link via photopin cc