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Posted by Jane Brown Jan 18, 2013





Education Cents

Posted by kmarler Oct 26, 2012

Education cents is a free website designed to teach teens about the importance of financial literacy and meets many of the CDE's requirements.  The interesting lessons, games and video keeps students engaged.  The instructor can request to set up a group, much like one can do in Thinkfinity.  Education cents also offers power points, worksheets and on-line quizzes.  When you become a group manager you are able to invite group members.  You can have them take the quizzes and see their scores.  You can also monitor their progress on reviewing lessons.  Check it out at www.educationcents.org.


Hard Economic Times

Posted by lsox Jun 2, 2012

I thought this article in the Colorado Ednews about Jeb Bush's visit to Denver was an interesting topic.  He calls for more choice in education.




I live in a small rural community where kids have 3 choices: attend our local public school, drive 25 miles each way to attend the next closest public school, or homeschool.  How do those of you who live in communities with private, charter, and online schools feel about how choices have affected our education system?  My friends in the city tell me that they start charting an education plan for their kids as soon as they are born so they will get their kids into the "right" schools.

As crazy and old fashioned as it sounds, I love our single school community.  Everyone attends the same school: ESL students, special education students, rich kids, poor kids...we all learn together.  I have mixed feelings about more "choice," but I do believe that we need to offer a quality education to everyone, not just the elite who have parents involved and caring enough to get them into the "right" schools.

On the other hand, if I felt that our local school was not high quality, I would want something else for my four children.

What do you think?