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Show Me/Flipped Classroom

graceb0822 Posted by graceb0822 in Teach For America Technology & Education Group on Jul 10, 2013 9:44:08 PM

Hi again,

The second thing I'm stoked to use in my class is show me.  I am experimenting with the "flipped class" approach next year, so I've been making little demos and explanations on showme and loading them onto edmodo (see my previous post) for the students to access whenever they need to.


I'm not sure exactly of how to implement this approach seamlessly, as I'm sure in the beginning there will be issues with completing the assignments of watching the tutorials (even with entrance tickets, pop quizzes, etc).  But, that said, I know it will be helpful to have this information available online for my students to access it whenever they need it.  I anticipate this will be useful for small group reviews and newcomers, in particular.


One kink I have yet to iron out is that it seems like I can only add tutorials to stills, but not films.  Or to be more clear, I can't figure out how to film using Showme.  I think I will get around this in the meantime by using a flip cam I have to make movies of demos that are hard to re-create in the class (dissections, messy labs, etc) and post them to my Edmodo page as is.  If anyone has tips for how to use showme (or an alternate app) for this purpose I'd appreciate your feedback!