Assistive technology app helps students with special needs communicate

special-needs“I want chicken nuggets.”

Those were the first words Cassie Banda-Garcia’s parents Jojo and Sofia Garcia could clearly hear her say.

“The first thing she said was ‘I want chicken nuggets,’ not ‘I love you’ or anything like that, she said ‘I want chicken nuggets,” Sofia Garcia said laughing.

In the past few months, Cassie, who has difficulty speaking because she has Down syndrome, has been using the Proloquo2go — a symbol supported communication application that gives a voice for people who cannot speak — on her iPad.

“Without the iPad, she would get very frustrated with us,” Sofia Garcia said. “Her comprehension skills are there. She understands everything and she wants to communicate with us but she could not verbalize it and that made it very frustrating.”

With the financial assistance of Ability Connection Texas (ACT), a group that has been providing care and support to people with disabilities for more than 60 years, Cassie is able to communicate in a way she could never have before.

“I love my iPad,” Cassie said by tapping buttons with words or phrases on her iPad. “The iPad is for others to understand what I want. All my friends at school want one, too.”

The iPad and the Proloquo2go app allow Cassie to download natural-sounding text-to-speech adult and children’s voices.

“It has become a part of her; it goes with her everywhere,” Sofia Garcia said. “When she goes to grandma’s house, she takes it, when she goes anywhere, we send it with her in her backpack.”

Cassie received her iPad in September 2013 and spent several months learning how to use it.

“As she is getting older and becoming a teenager, she was getting more frustrated and would say, “Why don’t you understand me?’ so this is really relieving some of that frustration for her,” Sofia Garcia said. “Life has gotten a lot easier because we are able to communicate with her. It’s made life less stressful. We’re not having those communication issues like we had before.”

Cassie’s iPad, the app and the training hours cost ACT between $2,500 to $3,000.

Ray Hernandez, the life skills teacher at Morehead Middle School where Cassie attends, said the iPad has made it easier to teach her.

“Cassie is really high level,” Hernandez said. “She has a lot to share but sometimes she is not able to communicate that to others. With the communication device, she’s been able to tell us her wants and needs. She is getting very good at it.”

Jojo Garcia said its refreshing to be able to understand his stepdaughter.

“Me being new to having a child with Down Syndrome, it was really difficult to understand what she was asking for,” he said. “Our middle son David would have to interpret what she was saying. He could understood her because he grew up with her. Even our four year old Adara could understands what Cassie was saying.”

When asked what she wants to do when she grows up, Cassie said, “I want to be a nurse so I can give dad a shot in the arm.”

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Top strategies for special education instruction

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New Common Core resource aids students with special needs



Free Common Core resource for educators emphasizes that special needs students can’t be left behind

common core-students-special needsOne of the best non-profits for the advancement of education technology has developed a new, free Common Core website for educators that offers customizable resources to improve teaching and learning for struggling students and those with disabilities.

The website’s–PowerUp WHAT WORKS–materials focus on four key areas, including evidence-based practices, Common Core State Standards, technology in schools and classrooms, and personalization of learning through Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and differentiated instruction. Read more about the four key areas.

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1. Cheley Colorado Camp, Colorado

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4. Virginia State Parks YCC, Virginia

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It is now June 2012, and jobs are still hard to come by.  The San Diego Unifed district is rehiring the teachers they laid off.  I applied to by a substitute teacher.  I was finger printed (again) and had another TB test.  I turn in my paperwork tomorrow.  The earliest they can hire me is Sept. 4th so I plan to enjoy the summber.  I am in the middle of starting my own company.  I want to tutor special needs students, help improve test scores for SAT's, as well as help the seniors with technology.  I am am calling my business Point Loma Tutor. I also want to be available to go to IEP's with families who would like another opinion.  I am working on my website, having business cards printed up, and just need to buy a table to use for tutoring incase they want services in my home.  Any advice?


So far I have had an interview at UCSD to work on a grant to teach teachers a method for teaching mathematics to students with alcohol fetal syndrome but I did not hear anymore.

Then I had a call for an interview from a middle school 1/2 time resource position.  My dream position but the day for interviews was the day I flew out of town to visit my elderly parents in Florida.

So far I need to keep looking and be positive even through 1,200 positions are to be eliminated in the local school district.


I have applied to two positions.  One at the Charter School and the other at Coronado Island SD.  If these don't work out, I will be starting my own business as a tutor for special needs students.  I plan to drop off flyers at each school in the Point Loma area.  Any advice?


New to site

Posted by vickilrhonemus Aug 20, 2011

I am new to the site.  I just retired from teaching Preschool Special Education for 5 years.  My daughter is in the same field and I will be volunteering in her classroom and teaching some of the lessons that I have not had time to do in the past.  I want to keep up on what is happening in special education because teaching was so much a part of my life for over 30 years.  I have enjoyed reading what others think because I remember having the same frustrations in IEP writing and teaching disruptive children - yes I dealt with many violent 3 and 4 year olds, too.


Looking forward to communicating with other professionals.

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