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AAAS ScienceLive Chat: Do the Arts Make Us Smarter?

SIngraffea Posted by SIngraffea in All About Science on Mar 12, 2013 2:36:40 PM

Art programs in schools are often the first to get cut when budgets are tight. Some advocates believe that arts enhance learning in all areas, including math and science. Do you think changing STEM to STEAM will help students’ academic performance in school? What about beyond the classroom?


This week's ScienceLive Chat guests, Daniel Levitin and Keith Oatley, study the relationship between arts and intelligence.


While this live chat may be taking place after students have left for the day, you can submit questions early and an archive podcast and transcript of the show will be available on the show page.


ScienceLive Chat starts at 3pm EST on Thursday, March 14th on this page.




Science NetLinks and AAAS have a number of resources that focus on STEM and art including:


Discover how sound travels—not just through air, but through liquids and solids, too.

A hands-on experiment using paper chromatography to demonstrate color separation.

Explore how bees communicate and see if your class can reenact these dances.

Hear how researchers have developed mathematical algorithms to fill in holes, scratches, and creases in damaged masterpieces.

A neurobiologist explains why Mona Lisa’s famous smile changes depending on where you look.

Learn how studies suggest that music classes can benefit children not only culturally, but intellectually as well.

Take a virtual tour of the cave’s extraordinary Paleolithic art.

“Some of science's most remarkable statements aren't made in words.” This is a collection of unusual or striking images from Science, including the International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenges.


March is Music in our Schools Month! Visit Thinkfinity’s “Orchestrating Success" collection for suggestions on how to bring music into your class.


Wondering how can the STEM movement converge with the Arts? Join the discussion for resources and add your voice to the conversation. How are you integrating technology into your art education? Need ideas for science projects that your artsy kids will like? Here are ideas from ARTSEDGE.


For more science posts and discussions, join the All About Science group.


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