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Human Enhancements: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

maria_sosa Posted by maria_sosa in All About Science on Jul 20, 2012 2:06:25 PM

Sometimes I find something so good I just have to share. :-) 


Along with the Summer Olympics, there is something else really cool happening in London this summer. The Wellcome Collection has just opened a new exhibit called Superhuman that explores human enhancement. This is a topic that is a science fiction staple. In fact, two of the best new sci fi books of the year, David Brin's Existence and Kim Stanley Robinson's 2312 both are set in near futures in which human enhancements play a prominent role.


But as Superhuman points out, human enhancements have been with us for a very long time in things such as glasses, contact lenses, makeup, and procedures such as in vitro fertilization. And what is viagra, if not a human enhancement? However, what we have done so far pales in comparison to what we might yet accomplish. And with those possibilities come scores of ethical questions. All of that is also touched upon in this exhibit.


The Wellcome Collection has produced a very substantive and fascinating website to accompany the exhibit which expands the reach of Superhuman to people all over the world. I highly recommend a virtual visit and if you happen to be in London through October 16th of this year, do consider putting it on your itinerary.


By the way, the Superhuman webiste and exhibit are definitely fun but but some of the content is definitely adult in nature so be careful sharing it with the kids!




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