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How Does Medicine Know Where You Hurt?

mabell Posted by mabell in Parents & Families on Nov 30, 2011 2:41:07 PM

Visit Wonderopolis today for the final 2011 health literacy and wellness topic featured as part of the Happy Healthy Habits series. Today’s focus is on medicine.


kid taking med_shutterstock_65331178.jpg


Today’s Wonder of the Day is: How Does Medicine Know Where You Hurt? Read this Wonder with your children and then discuss taking medicine. It seems a bit mysterious, but how does medicine know where you hurt in order to help you get better?


Sometimes we have to swallow a pill, which can be difficult for many children. Do your children have to take medicine regularly? Is there a way to make taking medicine less difficult? Watch this video clip to learn how to take a pill more easily. Sometimes the medicine is a syrup or liquid—it can be flavored but occasionally it tastes pretty nasty. To learn about getting shots, revisit this Wonder: Why Can’t All Medicine Be Swallowed?


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