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Learning Doesn't Have To Take a Summer Break with Wonderopolis!

dbolin Posted by dbolin in Parents & Families on Jul 15, 2011 3:26:50 PM

As the dog days of summer linger over much of the U.S., children everywhere are enjoying time away from school. That doesn't mean learning has to take a break, though. Wonderopolis helps children fight summer "slide" by keeping them engaged with a wide variety of Wonders of the Day.


Recently, Wonder of the Day #275: How Do Dinosaurs Get Their Names? challenged children to apply what they learned in the Wonder by naming their own unique dinosaur they created with nothing more than their imaginations. Wonder Friend Meredith took the challenge and send us a picture of her dinosaur, complete with its name and an explanation of how she named it.


Here's what she sent to Wonderopolis HQ:




We wanted to share Meredith's work and encourage other children and parents to use Wonderopolis this summer to keep their brains active!





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