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Tips for Parents Preparing Kids for Standardized Testing

Tammy Dewan Posted by Tammy Dewan in Parents & Families on May 6, 2011 1:33:59 AM

My daughter's 1st grade teacher sent this email and after reviewing the assessment website that allowed my daughter to practice taking a test, I thought it was worth sharing with this group.  I created a FREE account as a parent and have access to about 80 Reading and Math tests. The teacher's email reads:


Dear Families, I wanted to send you a “Head’s-Up” about next Monday and Tuesday.  In first grade, the only formal/standardized testing we do is a district assessment in math. Our testing will be on Monday and Tuesday- the first time these kiddos will have to do a “real” multiple choice test. We have spent some time this past few weeks reviewing and practicing with multiple choice options. The kids have really enjoyed challenging themselves to improve in the on-line assessments I gave them but I am running out of time- SSSOOOOO—now it can be done at home! There is an assessment link on my internet links page- or use this link:  .  The kids know how to get there! They can log in as a student with the username ***. They need to select My Class and then their name. The kids can do any of the listed assessments and at the end it will review their score and show which ones they did correctly and which they missed.  This site is free and a parent can create an account for their child just the same as a teacher would for her students. 


Please let me know what you think of the sight—I value your feedback and would like to know if I should be using this sight more in future years.


Finally, please ensure that your child has a good night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast for the testing on Monday and Tuesday. Encourage them to do their best (we cannot ask any more of them, and I like to remind them of that!) and not race through the test but to consider all the choices before answering (with some kiddos, you will see what I mean if you sit and do the on-line test with them). Please remember, this assessment is a SNAPSHOT—one perspective- of how your child is doing in class. It is not a “tell all” of their learning! Even so, I think we would all like them to put their best foot forward.


Thank you for your support in this. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.




Ms. R


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