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QR codes, kids love them, they are everywhere, let's use them to Educate!

aforhan Posted by aforhan in Online Tools for Educators on Mar 27, 2013 10:52:20 PM



Students creating and using QR codes to present/ share projects and content in Forensic Science. A Wow teaching moment!

Did you ever have one of those days when you leave school feeling so excited and energized because a lesson you presented went really well and you feel you really reached 100% of your students with the content you presented. 


Let me tell a you about a great lesson...  In Forensics students were grouped and presented with a crime case.  They had to research and present their case using QR codes that contained  their completed presentation.

The following method was used to create QR codes:

1. Students had to use either Google  doc, site, form or presentation to record their information since the school has a Google Education account and all students and staff have assigned Google school accounts.

2. A rubric was given to students that allowed them to follow guidelines and to answer specific questions surrounding their assigned case.

2. Placing their information on Google allows students to generate a URL web address.

3. They then placed the URL web address on  This shortens the URL.

4. Then this shortened URL is pasted in a new tab and .qr is added to the end of it.

5. This generates a QR code for your document that pops up on the screen. 

6. Copy the QR code, save it and print it out.

As part of rubric given students had to also embed a short video in their presentation.  And for the high flyers that finished before everyone I had them create a lesson using the Educreation  Application along with their google work.  The Educreations Application generates its own URL web address so these students were able to create a QR code from Educreations  instead of a Google application.

I had students laminate their QR codes and I collaborated with our school librarian.  We decided to post students QR codes around the library as we set up a crime scene in the library.  She also put on display several forensic related books to peak students interest and get them to read.

Students had fun using QR Reader Apps they downloaded for free on their smartphones  or iPads to view the work of their peers.  Fun all around!

Be great!



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