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Using Poster Sessions as a Class Strategy

Jeanne Rogers Posted by Jeanne Rogers in I Teach on Feb 3, 2014 1:06:15 PM

When I saw the poster sessions at FETC 2014 in Orlando, I immediately realized it would be a useful strategy for the classroom.


What is a poster session?  Poster sessions are informal, used at meetings and conferences as a way to share items of interest to conference attendees. The specifics of their presentation are 'published' on posters that sit adjacent to where they will share their message and/or hand outs.  The presenter ha a set amount of time to present information to colleagues and must be prepared to answer questions. Presentations may be only 5 minutes long or up to 30 minutes and can be shared multiple times. People are able to move around, depending on their interests and attend other poster sessions during the time allowed.



Poster sessions can be used in the classroom!  What about the next time you assign a research paper?  Have students research a topic and present it to classmates.  Have a rubric that would include organization, content and presentation as key assessment items.


How about a book report?  Students can share the title, author, and what they enjoyed most about the book.  For non-fiction book reports, have students include 3 key facts learned from reading the book.




A few things to consider...

  • Not everyone can share at the same time.
  • Have those viewing use post it notes and leave a comment for each presenter.
  • Use class time wisely.  Large group sharing of one student's efforts at a time are a thing of the past.
  • Create a Google form for students to complete after the activity to get feedback and a sense of what the students gained from the experience. Take a look at a previous post, Customizing Google Forms.

How would you use a poster session in your classroom?  Any additional suggestions on classroom management for this strategy?







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