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Where Good Ideas Come From

dmlevin Posted by dmlevin in ISTE Conference 2013 on Jun 25, 2013 11:46:25 AM

This morning, Steven Johnson presented as the Keynote speaker based no his book, Where Good Ideas Come From. Collaboration, creativity and innovation were the key ideas he stressed. In order to maximize our individual impacts, we have to focus on creating connected learning within a collected world. One of the key ideas Johnson spoke about was diversity. The type of diversity he meant does not focus on our backgrounds, but on a diversity of ideas. He believes, as I do, that when we surround ourselves with people who are different from us, we gain more knowledge, can make smarter decisions, feel more inspired or even surprised about what we learn. At the core of this is a desire for a world that collaborates. Often, we need to talk through our ideas to sculpt them, to better create them, and unless we are willing to dialogue about our thoughts, it's difficult to put them into action. With today's social media and online communities, there is every opportunity to have these discussions. Johnson is right in believing we need to diversify our interactions, spark more conversations, and push each other's thoughts - this is the best way for our world to keep innovating and for us to keep learning.