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Now everybody can get published

cmares28 Posted by cmares28 in Economics & Personal Finance on Jun 19, 2012 8:44:01 AM

Remember this commerical. It's a Xerox ad from 2003. The student understands that technology is going to change the way that the publishing industry works. Their model was outdated. The commercial is nine years old and the student's view of what was coming in the world of publishing is now outdated. Printing off one book at a time? Why even print the book when you can read it on your tablet or your cell phone? The student did not see the kindle or iPad coming. The opportunity to get published is now even easier than could have been imagined not even a decade ago. The decrease in the barriers of entry into the world of publishing could have substantial implications in education.


The textbook in its current form will be the first thing to go. I don't just mean the large bulky thing that makes backpacks heavy. I am also referring to the way in which a textbook is written, distributed and implemented in the classroom. Soon teachers will have the ability to create and implement their own textbooks. The teacher can write and add content to the book themselves, update the material each year and implement their own work in the classroom. Here is a preview of what is coming.