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Introducing Google+

cgasell Posted by cgasell in Everything Google on Jul 3, 2011 9:37:53 PM

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Last week, I got my long awaited invite to Google+. As far as I can tell, this is Google's attempt to create a social network to compete with the ever popular Facebook. Here are my first thoughts about the Google+ interface.





  • Posting to Google+ is simple. As is posting images, video, links and your location. It is even easier on Android phones as there is a native app. I look forward to the iPhone app being released soon.


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  • Setting privacy up is simple too. You add people into visual circles and you can easily select to share content with certain circles. This is very important for those of us who don't think that what you had for dinner is everyone's business. I have set up circles for friends, acquaintances, colleagues and social networking groups. I can decide who sees what.

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  • I find the stream interace to be a bit annoying. It is not clear where one post ends and the next begins. Plus when people add comments and +1s (which is similar to liking something on Facebook), it takes up a lot of room on the stream.



  • Worth noting, Google+ has integrated group chat and group messaging as well as chat messaging into the interface. This makes hanging out with your virtual friends a breeze.


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Overall, I think it it could take off or could flop like Google's last effort, Google Wave. Guess we will have to wait and see!


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