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Access TIMS to capture your Training data

mmeza Posted by mmeza in California Thinkfinity on Apr 27, 2010 8:08:31 PM

We’d love to hear back from you each time you share Verizon Thinkfinity with other educators or administrators. This could be at an orientation day, an in-service day, a staff meeting, a department meeting, or even in informal conversations over lunch, or after school, etc. As a Thinkfinity Trainer, you have access to TIMS --Thinkfinity Information Management System-- where you can register all of the trainings and overview sessions you provide. The follow-up form should be used to indicate how many teachers or administrators you were able to reach at each training or meeting.


Please note that this link will bring you to a screen when green tabs.

Please provide your login ID/primary email address.

This is the TIMS account you use to register new sessions, roster participants, fill out follow-up forms, etc...


To access the Trainer Toolbox, visit:


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I can be reached at


Thank you!