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I've been Writing and Working on Connections through ART...

connections Posted by connections in The Arts on Jan 25, 2012 1:12:08 AM

The Arts, some say, are not science, not in the realm with music. texture, lines perfectly drawn, timing of a piano piece(or are they?).  For me, art is everything!!! I've enriched what my definition of art is through integrating all subject matter, while incorporating multiple learning styles, self-exploration, visual memories and fantasy, history, experiments, while never excluding every singe subject, and connecting to a past moment and today...I've done this for many years.  It's how I think, how I taught in several settings, in several grades, with children that were labeled Gifted, not WORTH it, attitudes, fiesty, inquisitive, truancy constants, doctors' children, teachers' and nurses' children...They all learn one way, through many gifts(not deficits that we want to medicate for US to feel better)... I get to know who they are, what they like, what their life is through their eyes, and constant modeling with facilitation....Abstract concepts do not come to our learners in the way WE think...: )  I am one....A 21st century learner(just way before my time), which I call, the multicultural/mulidisciplinary learner, who have been taught the way WE are using today, except with extra virtual AWESOMENESS to create experience...Give me ONE word, ONE concept, and I will create, connect and guide myself and any learner, in minutes, literally, through some "form" OF art/scientific processes....Not ballet, piano, or even song, but I guarantee every single student will learn through an artistic/scientific channel, which I KNOW feed off of each other...We don't need textbooks anymore....If we can't teach standards without a textbook, we should not have a job.  Technology and ART/SCIENCE(freedom to ask, question, and create) are the answers...WE have one HUGE problem...Artists and Scientists, including Sociologists, Philosophers, Psychologists, and Visionaries have specific traits, qualities, talents...oddities..eccentricities, not being able to stop connecting, slow down our minds, abilities to sleep like everyone else....We connec to each other immediately...We are placing credentials prior to what motivates...Connections of the insides that NOT all of us have or have developed.  Writing papers, working on a book, a curricula without texts(nope, not tech based, but tech incorporated), being a mommy, a wife, and beginning a Masters motivates me to serve more and I'm saddened that I can't...??? 


The 21st Century learner..When I hear others say this, I laugh...."WE see, hear, feel/touch, smell, do, think, do again, create, connect, create again, practice our creation, talk about it, check the next one out, want to learn more, and then maybe, we're ready to move on and maybe we do it again....We won't be told what to do or how to do it for too long, due to boredom and, by my sharing my learning experience and someone calling my name to be quiet shuts me down.  I need to move, on a regular basis, I need to hear I'm a good student and person and I'm on a role or I MAY want to rewind and recheck, maybe...MY choice...Tell me all I'm not doing that you would do instead of sitting beside me and offer positivity and guidance with standards, and I want you away, far away...I...YES, I need to learn, with your help, not your judgement, the way you did or worked for you, and please accept me, because noone gets me....We, learners, today, of all ages, sizes and multiple issues, styles and backgrounds will connect and do as we will, even if you don't believe in us...We will work harder, and we will live and travel all over and help others since you don't appreciate who we are...Don't make me sit, I don't hear you...Don't tell me to walk in a straight line when you don't.  Don't tell me to not question when what is being said is not about today...I am who I am...I learn how I learn...Let me be..Let me be free...Allow me to share...Allow me to move...Allow me to decide what I want to read that makes sense to me today...and let ME connect to History.  I am a 21st Century Learner, and the more you tighten the rope, the more I will anger and purposely show you that what you're teaching, I learned 2 years ago...I want to build, design, create, share, question, test, have very few friends, and I don't need to be told what to do...A kind reminder is sufficient...Control is my enemy, Freedom and acceptance are my friends, my creators of tomorrow..."


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