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Community Promotions Policy

Updated: August 26, 2012

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Promotions in the Thinkfinity Community


Many organizations use social media to promote products and services. We want to keep the Thinkfinity Community experience free from unwanted promotions and solicitations, so we have created the following policy.


Our goal on the Thinkfinity Community is (1) to prevent and remove all promotions unrelated to education and technology, and (2) to provide a specific area where individuals with promotions for products that support K-12 education can describe and discuss their products with interested parties.


We hope that the following rules provide the best experience for all of our members.


Promoting Related Services

Community members who would like to promote products, services, and personal sites related to education and technology may do so only in the group Outside Promotions.


Before you post a promotion or solicitation, please be sure you follow these rules:


  • only post about products and services related to education and technology*
  • only post in the Outside Promotions group, and only create one post within that group
  • use your real name (not a company name) in your profile and posts
  • never friend someone with whom you are not already in contact
  • never send unsolicited Direct Messages containing promotional material nor requests for donations
  • do not post any messages asking members to join or register for another website or program
  • do not create a separate group supporting your product
  • do not post promotions to any other area of the community


Any members who receive unwanted promotional contact are encouraged to write an email to and your issue will be addressed immediately.


Members who do not observe these rules will have their account deleted.


*Promoting Unrelated Services

We ask that members refrain from promoting any services on the Thinkfinity Community that are unrelated to education and technology. If you bookmark a link to an unrelated service, please check the Private checkbox so that only you can see it.


Reporting Abuse

All members may use the Report abuse link found on every page to notify us of unrelated content or unrelated promotions. Members who post unrelated promotions or who do not observe the rules listed above will have their account, and the content they have created, "banned" from the community.


Thank you for keeping the community a productive, welcoming site! Please note that Thinkfinity does not accept paid commercial advertising.

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