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STEM_200x150.jpgAs we prepare our students to be leaders of tomorrow, we recognize the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and how our students’ understanding of these subjects is key to our success as a nation. Thinkfinity strongly supports the STEM initiative and offers lesson plans, activities and interactives to help you build a cross-curricular classroom. Looking for STEM-related resources for use in your classroom or at home? Here are a few examples to get you started.

  • Ever wonder what it is like to work as a paleontologist? In Fossils Rock! Takes from the Field, students join a virtual dig and hear from real paleontologists.
  • Need a great way to help your students develop an understanding of DNA? In Extracting DNA, students learn about the process of DNA extraction through modeling. An animation of a cell becoming part of larger structures (like chromosomes and DNA strands), is part of the lesson.
  • In Green Roof Design, students make decisions about designs that affect the transfer of energy between a building and the outside environment.
  • Solving the Math Curse: Reading and Writing Math Word Problems uses reading, writing, listening and speaking on a math word problem to bridge the gap between reading and math.


From the Community

We asked members of the Thinkfinity Community "What are your favorite STEM resources?" and this is what they said.

Power Up!

Compare and contrast different energy sources and the trade-offs of using them. Includes interactive tool, student e-sheet, lesson plan and printable worksheets.

Invention at Play

Think like an inventor as you test different ways to get the ball into the hole with this interactive game.

Weekly Science Updates

Quirky, entertaining and informative, these 60-second features cover the latest discoveries in science, technology and medicine.

Join the discussion in the Community, and tell us some of your favorites.


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Lesson Plans

Powerful Patterns: Playing with Patterns

Illuminations | Lesson | PreK-2
Create repeating patterns using the interactive Shape Tool, and then recreate them with your voice, your movements, or other objects.

Erupting Volcanoes

Science NetLinks | Lesson | K-2
Students learn about volcanoes through the making of a volcano model.

How Does My Garden Grow? Writing in Science Field Journals

ReadWriteThink | Lesson | K-2
Students work together to plant a garden and then record their observations in

Animal Adaptations

Science NetLinks | Lesson | 3-5
Students visit a website to learn about how animals adapt and hold classroom discussions about whether or not the animals have adapted well to their natural habitats.

Fossils Rock! Tales from the Field

Xpeditions | Lesson | 3-5
Students learn what it is like to be a real paleontologist and go on a virtual dig.

Long Distance Airplanes

Illuminations | Lesson | 3-5
Paper airplanes take flight as students explore attributes related to increased flight distance and interpret median distances in a stem-and-leaf plot.

Geometric Solids and Their Properties

Illuminations | Lesson | 3-5
Try the five interactive geometry lessons that explore the properties of three-dimensional shapes.

Weather Detectives: Questioning the Fact and Folklore of Weather Sayings

ReadWriteThink | Lesson| 3-5
Students investigate the validity of statements made about whether to determine if they are fact or folklore.

How Sedimentary Rocks Are Formed

Science NetLinks | Lesson | 6-8
This lesson explores and answers the question: How are the stripes of sedimentary rocks formed?

What Do Scientist Do?

Science NetLinks | Lesson | 6-8
Students develop an understanding of the diversity and nature of various science disciplines.

Plasmolysis in Elodea Plant Cells

Science NetLinks | Lesson | 9-12
Students microscopically observe various subcellular components and determine the effects of different salt solutions on Elodea plant cells.

Simulating Climate Change Research in Grasslands

Science NetLinks | Lesson | 9-12
Students explore the topic of climate change in depth.

Don’t Freeze the Engine

Illuminations | Lesson | 9-12
Do you know enough about percents to find the right mixture of antifreeze to prevent freezing?


Barbie Legs

Science NetLinks | Podcast
Hear how the Barbie doll could bring some flexibility to patients with hand injuries.

Big Heads

Science NetLinks | Podcast
Hear whether when it comes to brains, does size really matter?

Gecko Feet

Science NetLinks | Podcast
Hear why engineers are trying to imitate the amazing properties of the gecko's toes.

Germy Surfaces

Science NetLinks | Podcast
Hear how long a germ can hang around and wait for its next victim.

Mona Lisa’s Smile

Science NetLinks | Podcast
Hear what the Mona Lisa’s smile has been hiding all these years.

Skunk Removal

Science NetLinks | Podcast
Hear about a better way to neutralize the stink of a skunk’s spray.

Tilted Earth

Science NetLinks | Podcast
Hear how the tilt of the Earth’s axis got knocked into place.

Visual Math

Science NetLinks | Podcast
Hear why people may think about numbers in a surprisingly visual way.

Resources and Tools

Patch Tool

Illuminations | Tool | PreK-5
Spin, flip, and snap together the shapes to fill in the outline with geometric figures.

Turtle Pond

Illuminations | Tool | PreK-8
Use your understanding of length and angles to find the best path to get the turtle to the pond.

The Science of Spring

Science NetLinks | Tool | K-5
Students learn about the parts of a seed and how to plant and care for their seeds, track growth progress, and share data with others.

Geometric Solids

Illuminations | Tool | K-12
Manipulate a variety of geometric solids to explore faces, edges, and vertices.

All Systems Are Go!

Science NetLinks | Tool | 3-5
Students are presented with a body system and a variety of organs. Students drag and drop all the organs that belong in that particular body system to the body.

Marble Mania

Science NetLinks | Tool | 3-5
The randomness and probability of marbles being pulled out of a "bag" are calculated automatically and for trials up to 500.

Factor Game

Illuminations | Tool | 3-8
Challenge the computer or a friend while showing what you know about factors.

Calculation Nation

Illuminations | Tool | 3-9
Play math strategy games to challenge yourself or test your skills against other online competitors.

Isometric Drawing Tool

Illuminations | Tool | 3-12
Create 2-D or 3-D figures with this interactive tool that lets you shift, rotate, and color shapes.

Planet Size Comparison

Science NetLinks | Tool | 6-12
In this animation, you can find out how Mercury "sizes up" to Earth or any other planet.

SCI: Skin Cancer Investigation

Science NetLinks | Tool | 6-12
SCI: Skin Cancer Investigation gives students the opportunity to learn about skin cancer diagnosis and prevention.

Oil Refining: A Closer Look

Science NetLinks | Tool | 9-12
Learn how petroleum is processed and made into different products.

Racing for a Canine Cure

Xpeditions | Resource
Dr. Michael Davis, veterinarian, explains the science behind the Iditarod, from the weather to the trail to the preparation required for human and animal racers.

Coolest Engineering Job Ever!

Xpeditions | Resource
Tony Baxter is Senior Vice President of Creative Development for Walt Disney Imagineering, A.K.A. Chief Imagineer. Read how he was inspired by the hoodoo geologic formations of Bryce Canyon, Utah, to design the popular Thunder Mountain ride, and how other aspects of Disney parks reflect thematic geography.

Geography Action!: Mapping Europe

Xpeditions | Resource | K-12
Students K-12 learn fundamentals of mapping and data-layering in these pre-GIS activities. The continent of Europe is the context for analyzing cultural and environmental data, from animals and protected areas, to tourism, to acid rain. Learners of all ages will have fun assembling and interacting with giant maps of Europe; educators will love watching students work collaboratively to interpret charts and develop map keys and symbols.

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