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Emancipation Proclamation/Gettysburg Address

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You have choice of which one of Lincoln's speeches you would like to work with, either the Emancipation Proclamation or the Gettysburg Address. You can find both of these speeches on-line. You need to summarize the response and place the summary in DropBox. Once you have summarized the speech you need to draft a formal letter to President Lincoln in response to whichever speech you picked. You are to have 1 page single spaced and placed in DropBox with no grammar or spelling errors. After you have finished your letter you must use a multimedia program in which you create an avatar that delivers your response to Lincoln's speech. I do not care which program you choose to use but your complete assignments must be posted in DropBox by the end of class on Wednesday. Rubrics will be posted for your letter and multimedia project.

Mrs. McCoy


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