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Object-based Learning

Hi Minnesota teachers! I'm looking for volunteers who would be willing to use an object as part of their lesson (either as hook, prompt, or assessment) and then document the experience with a short video. It's pretty common in math and science (a.k.a. manipulatives), but less so in social studies, reading, or the arts, and I'd like to see that change.


Documentation is the easy part. Here's a link to a 2-minute video I created with the camera on my phone describing how I could use a Lawrence Welk record in teaching about a variety of subjects: You could also send me a few photos or share anything you create with for the lesson, as this teacher did:


Easy, right? If you need some help coming up with objects to use in your classroom, I created a Pinterest profile with some ideas at Have a good object lesson in mind? I'd love it if you'd create a guest board (which is another excellent way to document what you did). If you'd like more information about object-based learning, or want to talk through some ideas, let's email, call, or Skype!


Please get back to me if you'd like to help. I promise it won't be more than an hour of your time (if that) over the next few weeks (since I'd need to have your documentation by May 6). Thanks!




Erin Anderson

(651) 788-3500



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