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This is one of the first programs I introduced to my students. I wanted to show them the power of the TI calculator.

They loved it! The just loved the fact that they didnt have to memorize formulas and plug in values. The program also presented them with

logic. Since then we have programmed the quadratic formula and volume equations. The next program I will give them stemmed from an idea given to me

by our sophomore teacher to create a program that simplified radicals. SInce the SAT allows for these devices to be used, I programmed the TI 83/84 to simplify radicals. The students will attempt this program when we get back from break. I have begun the conversation with my top programmers about the idea of making money from programming. We now call these "apps". This simplifying radical program was quite extensive and took me a while to program because of the limitation of BASIC. I doubt I will post the actual code. I want to roll this BASIC program into maybe Android or iOS.


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