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  • Ask questions and find answers
  • Learn from and participate in discussions with others
  • Connect and network with friends, colleagues, peers, and experts
  • Create or follow groups that reflect your interest
  • Take a look at the Help Center index
  • Please read the Conduct Guidelines


Managing email notifications

  • When replying to a discussion, a group member will be given a choice to √ that they’d like to receive email notifications.  BEWARE that checkbox will ultimately result in numerous email messages.  To avoid, look for that checkbox, prior to posting a reply.
  • If the individual continues to get notifications for past discussions, there is a way to end that. 
  • In the Help Center document How To: Manage Email Notifications, under the  subheader "Removing Email Notifications from Specific Content," there are quick and easy instructions for stopping notifications from that discussion:
    • Select My Stuff  Overview
    • Under the Actions menu on the right side of the screen, select Manage email notifications. This list includes items for which you are currently       receiving notifications.
    • To remove an item, select the checkbox to the right of the date and then select Remove Selected Notifications at the bottom of the page.
    • To remove all notifications, select the checkbox in the header row to select all items on the page, and then select Remove Selected Notifications   at the bottom of the page.
  • The solution in the future is for the user to change email notifications before even posting in a discussion.
  • Or, when looking at the righthand sidebar...Click on “Stop Email Notifications”.  That will stop all, for every discussion.
    • If I click on Receive...I will get them. If I am receiving them, I’d click on Stop.



Toolbar add-on and more!

Posted by jrogers on Jun 22, 2011 3:57:11 PM


Verizon Thinkfinity offers several tools to help with your web experience.  By placing the AddThis to your toolbar,

add this.PNG

as you find varied web resources you are able to save them directly to your Favorite Resources page in Thinkfinity.

Another is the Widget Library.  Here you will find several widgets that you can add to your own web page.



Consider joining other groups within the Community.  On the right side bar, you will find links to Verizon 101, which offers discussions on various educational  topics.  Check out the Lounge for a break and a chance to rest your feet while you see info on a movie or a suggested book.

community choices.PNG

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