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Wealth of Web Resources

There are so many wonderful resources available on the web for educators, students, families.  Of course, Thinkfinity is my first "go to" site.  We've placed a section in the Mobile Learning group to profile apps and web sites in the news; this document will be maintained in an effort to keep the list and to expand it,




WordTamer is an interactive site that addresses writing.  Students will find information on genres of stories, character development, plot and more.

Storycamp Resources offers teaching kits for the creation of web native films. Students will learn about media history, media use, web mechanics and more. Collaborate with others while making interactive projects for the web.

BuzzMath is a website and mobile application (iPad App - Buzzmath) that focuses on learning and practicing middle school mathematics skills.

Digital Passport by Common Sense Media Check out the new iPad and Android App! Please note that student accounts and seeing scores, are ONLY available on the Digital Passport website, NOT through the mobile app.

NoRedInk offers online practice exercises for grammar and writing.

HowtoSmile offers a wealth of science and math activities.



Symbaloo | Access your bookmarks anywhere by preparing a start page for your favorite sites.

AndrOpen Office Released December 19, 2013

First OpenOffice for Android app. You are able to view documents, edit, export using the full features you have come to love with OpenOffice.

MindMup is a free mind mapping web based app. MindMup is available and works well on the desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers. MindMup maps can be saved to Google Drive.

Blendspace, formerly EdCanvas, is a free resource for educators. Collect web resources, assess student understanding, and monitor student progress. Read more at tuesdays with Karen: Blendspace.



Frolyc | Authoring & Real-time Publishing On iPad For K-6 Teachers create learning activities and publish to the iPad.

Doodle Cast Pro is now a free app for the iPad. Not sure for how long, but worth checking out. Really good App for presentations

Animate Your Life | Tellagami is a new app for both iOS and Android devices. Use it to share animated messages. Ryan Archer, Science Teacher, shares information on this app, Bow and Tech: What the Gami?.

New Mobile App from Mimio offers student collaboration and assessment option for teachers.



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