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Thinkfinity Collections Index

Use the index below to find Thinkfinity resources that correspond with events and special features for each month of the year.  (NOTE:  The index will include new features as they are prepared for 2013.)

Welcome to Thinkfinity!  (updated 8/15/13)

Back To School (created 8/13/13)

Family Fun (updated 8/12/13)

Happy New Year! (created 8/15/13)

Martin Luther King, Jr. (updated 1/12/14)


Why You Should Integrate Wonderopolis® Into Your Curriculum (created 8/16/13)

9/11 Anniversary (updated 8/23/13)

Constitution Day (updated 8/26/13)

Hispanic Heritage Month (updated 8/26/13)

Hurricanes (updated 8/26/13)



Keeping Students Safe Online (created 10/15/13)

Safety and Security (strong passwords)

Safety and Security in a Digital World

Stand Up, Don't Stand By (video on cyberbullying)



Election Day (updated 11/4/13)

Veterans Day (updated 11/6/13)

Mobile Apps for Education (updated 4/1/14)

Native American Heritage Month (updated 11/8/13)

Think Fast! About the Past!


Be A Wise Consumer (updated 12/7/13)

Winter Fun  (updated 12/13/13)

Holiday Traditions (updated 12/21/13)



Emancipation Proclamation (updated 12/30/13)

Get Organized (created 1/6/14)

Martin Luther King, Jr. (updated 1/12/14)

Great Presidents (updated 2/14/14)

Super Bowl Math (updated 1/7/14)

Freedom Rides (updated 1/21/13)



Black History Month (updated 1/30/14)

Digital Learning Resources for Educators

Engineers Week 2014 (updated 2/7/14)

President Abraham Lincoln (updated 2/7/14)

Presidents Day (updated 2/7/14)

Winter Olympics (created 2/6/14)


Healthcare (updated 2/19/14)

March Is "Music in Our Schools" Month  (updated 2/25/14)

Energy and Energy Management  (updated 2/14/14)

March is National Women's History Month (updated 3/10/14)


Baseball and Spring Fitness (updated 3/13/14)

Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery (2014 Math Awareness Month)

Mathematics of Sustainability (2013 Math Awareness Month)

National Poetry Month  (updated 2/26/14)

Think Green for Spring (updated 2/26/14)


Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (updated 3/8/14)

Honoring Our Military (updated 3/8/14)

The Science of Spring (updated 3/12/14)

Teacher Appreciation Week (updated 3/13/14)

Summary of Bioblitz 2013 with vlogger, Bob Hirshon


Flag Day (updated 3/27/14)

Mobile Apps for Education (updated 4/1/14)

Summer Learning Explorations (updated 3/28/14)


Fourth of July  (updated 2/23/14)

Healthy Habits (updated 4/1/14)

Space Exploration (updated 4/1/14)


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