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Getting Started in the Thinkfinity Community

Updated: August 16, 2012

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Welcome to the Verizon Thinkfinity Community!


Non-members can read content, but can not participate or save information. Want to become a member of Thinkfinity Community? Select the red Join Us Today button on the Welcome Marquee or select Register in the top right on any community page and join in three easy steps.


For a visual, view Community Registration (PPT)

This Welcome letter gives a broad overview of a few Thinkfinity Community features to help new members get started. We recommend all members read our Community Conduct Guidelines and our Community Promotions Policy. For additional tips and tricks, visit Thinkfinity Community Tips for New Users

Once you are a member of Thinkfinity Community you can Sign In with your username and password to

  • exchange ideas about education and technology
  • define your profile, bookmark and organize your resources
  • network with colleagues

...and so much more.


1. How to Exchange Ideas about Education and Technology

  • What you can do:

    • Learn from and participate in discussions with others
    • Connect and network with friends, colleagues, peers, and experts
    • Follow or create groups that reflect your interests

  • How to start:

    1. Select Places and choose Spaces or Social Groups, or select Browse > People on the dark red navigation bar
    2. Follow spaces, join groups, or friend people


  • For Spaces and Groups:

    • Choose a Space or Group that interests you
    • Explore the conversations
    • In a space, you may select Track in Communications in the Actions menu
    • In a group, you may select Join this group at the top of the page and Track in Communications in the Actions menu


  • For People:

    • Search for people you know using the search filters
    • Select a person and choose Add as a friend


For more information, read: All About: Spaces and Groups, All About: Blogs and Discussions and All About: Spreading the Word.


2. How to Define your Profile, Bookmark and Organize Resources

  • What you can do:

    • Update your profile
    • View your Direct Messages and Notifications
    • Edit your General Preferences and Email Notification Preferences
    • Save and tag your bookmarks so they are all in one place, accessible from any computer

  • How to start:

    1. Select your name from the dark red navigation bar at the top of the page.
    2. View your profile, recent activity, and update your preferences.
    3. Use the links in the Actions menu under your image to manage your settings and profile information.
    4. Select Create > bookmark from the dark red navigation bar to save and tag a bookmark (please remember to make your bookmark private if it is a personal one).

For more information, read All About: Profiles.

  • For more help navigating the community and using its many features, please visit the Community Help Center to view the many "All About" and "How To" documents we have created for you and post questions. Please select those documents of interest to you from the Thinkfinity Community Help Index.


3. How to Network with Colleagues


What you can do:


How to start:

  1. Select Browse > People on the dark red navigation bar at the top of the page.
  2. Enter a full name, username, or partial name in the Type to Filter by Text search box. You can also select Add Filter to filter your results by tag, grade(s), occupation, subjects, or state.
  3. Once you have filtered the list, you can use the drop down to sort your list by first name, last name, status level or date joined.
  4. Select a user by clicking on their picture.
  5. After selecting a member, you may read his or her profile, and see his or her recent activity.  Learn more by reading How To: Friend a Colleague.

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