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Thoughts from the #MobileEdChat Series

ProfDev Posted by ProfDev in Professional Development on Nov 14, 2013 2:43:31 PM

Going Mobile EdChat Series presented by the Verizon Thinkfinity Content Partners was a successful opportunity to connect with others via Twitter on the subject of mobile learning.  This three part series focused on Student Engagement, Student-Created Material Content, and Authentic Tasks. Suzanne Thurston created a Storify#MobileEdChat: Authentic Tasks | November 12, 2013 record with all pertinent tweets from this week's chat.  Below are the questions posed during this chat along with answer tweets:


Q1: What does the phrase “authentic learning” mean to you?

  • Ann Kong A1: Beyond real-world relevance, I love that authentic learning consists of multiple solutions and interpretations.
  • Lisa Key Mathews: real work life always has multiple solutions and rarely is there just one right answer.
  • ReadWriteThink: A1 Authentic learning=real-world, real purpose & audience.
  • Science NetLinks: A1 Authentic learning=real-world, real purpose & audience.


Q2: Discuss examples of authentic tasks your students found engaging.

  • Verizon Foundation: A2 The #VZAppChallenge is way to engage teams of students to design app & win $20K school grant
  • Jeanne Rogers: A2 project on comparing food prices around the world, collect the data and use it in many ways.
  • Lindsey Reynolds:A2 having students take current event. How would you solve this?
  • Bob Hirshon: A2:Role-playing: “You’re an ant scout; use your mobile device to document possible food sources and report to the queen.”


Q3: Why/How does mobile technology lend itself to authentic learning experiences?

  • ReadWriteThink: A3 Mobile tech helps students engage in authentic learning any time, any place. The mobile aspect makes the difference!
  • Bob Hirshon: A3: In STEM, mobile technology mimics the tools real scientists use to conduct investigations.
  • Steve Hayes: A3 You're not tied to the classroom or even the classroom teacher. Learning can occur 24/7.


Q4: Share favorite mobile apps that engage students in authentic tasks and learning.

  • ReadWriteThink: A4 ReadWriteThink has 8 mobile apps students can use to learn and grow on the go!
  • Renee: A4: Science NetLinks has a collection of STEM apps; some engage students in authentic tasks.
  • Rachelle Wooten: A4 Some of my favs: @edmodo@InfuseLearning@blendspace@padlet@thinglink and more!

Q5: Panelist @lkeysmathews suggests “doing rather than listening.” How can authentic tasks & mobile increase engagement?

  • Jon Bergman: A5: Educreations is a good app.
  • ReadWriteThink: A5 Increase engagement by Going Digital! Reading on Mobile Devices can Enhance the Reading Experience.

Q6: Talk about examples of students engaging with real-world audiences using mobile technology.

  • Renee: A6: Project Noah is a citizen science project where users share info about wildlife:
  • Steve Hayes: A6 Was interviewed by Ss this morning while they made a video (iMovie / iOS) for a student in South America.
  • Kyle Pace: A6: Apps like the Hangouts app allow us to connect to experts in the field or BE the expert in the field!


Q7: Share examples of authentic assessment that use mobile technology.

  • Bob Hirshon: A7: Any authentic learning task can also be an assessment task, if there’s a rubric with performance levels for each aspect.
  • Lorie Lundy: A7 Assess comprehension by asking them to use Trading Cards App for key terms from a unit.


Several resources were shared during the chat as well:

Jeanne Rogers, Community Host