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FETC Conference Reflection

Jeanne Rogers Posted by Jeanne Rogers in Community Hub on Feb 1, 2014 2:40:01 PM


Photo courtesy of Lisa Hidalgo and Chrissy Baumaister


Attendees to this year's FETC 2014 Conference found the weather to be rainy, damp, cold in an otherwise sunny and warm Orlando, Florida.  But that didn't dampen the spirit of those educators in attendance.  Energy was high.  Conversation centered on: 'What can I do with this tech tool?',  'How can I incorporate these ideas in a rural classroom?',  'Will there be an opportunity to connect after the conference and get additional professional development?'.


Here are few bits of information gathered.  Look for discussion questions in Mobile Learning, Everything Google, and I Teach and join in the conversation.

  • William Zhou, co- founder and CEO of Vetica, has created Planboard, a lesson planning tool.  Designed to streamline the lesson planning teachers do, there will be additional teacher tools in the near future.
  • Casio has a new product line of lamp free projectors. Anyone who has climbed a ladder to change a bulb on a ceiling mounted projector knows that this technology will be welcome in schools.  Set up cost may be a bit higher at startup, but money should be saved in bulbs, which can cost a couple hundred dollars and only supply 2,000 hours of lumination.
  • Schools looking to add ebooks to their collections for student use can look to MackinVIA for book management.  There's even a virtual backpack for kids to put their books in.  Books can be purchased and in the non-fiction area multi-simultaneous-users is supported.

One of the goals for FETC 2014 is that those in attendance return to their schools and districts and share with those unable to attend. Collaboration is a huge part of working in today's classroom. Look to Thinkfinity as a forum to use for sharing out.


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