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Think Winter Olympics!

pterry Posted by pterry in Community Hub on Jan 30, 2014 12:06:02 PM
Ol-rings3.jpgThe Winter Olympics are about to begin!  Many young people from all around the world are eager to watch as athletes who have dedicated their lives to becoming extremely skilled in a specific Olympic sport perform on the world stage of the Olympics. Many of these young people will be inspired to dream their own dream of becoming an Olympic athlete.  But what does it take to become an Olympic athlete? Who are the favorites to medal?
This article presents some background information on Becoming an Olympian. Consider the various factors used to identify potential in young athletes. There needs to be physical skill, strength and flexibility, but what about motivation and determination? What about hurdles or roadblocks that get in the way?  Where does a young athlete go to get training and how much does it cost the average family to help one of its aspiring athletes reach this level? What motivates them to work so hard to achieve their dreams?



How does goal setting fit into this scenario? Working with students you can use the timeline tool from ReadWriteThink to map out a strategy to reach a specific goal.





Older students might enjoy using a spreadsheet tool (Excel or Google Spreadsheet) to plan a budget for competition costs that might include travel, lodging, coaches fees, costumes/uniforms, etc.


Want to know more about how to incorporate the Olympics into your teaching? Visit our newly posted collection on the Winter Olympics. Take advantage of the many ways in which topics related to the Olympic Games can stimulate your students to reach for higher order thinking skills and mastery of curricular standards. These games only come around once every four years, and although the Summer Olympics will take place within the next 2 years, they tend to occur when school is not in session. So take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to enrich your instructional program and enhance learning for your students.


You might also want to check out our discussion, "Where are these Olympians now?" to engage your students in an activity sure to pique their interests are some of our former Olympic champions!


Quiz your students' knowledge of the Winter Olympics by using questions and answers found in the blog:  Test your knowledge of the Winter Olympics. You are encouraged to add your own questions and answers to that blog in the comments.

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