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Review, Remove, Reorganize, Renew, Relax

Jane Brown Posted by Jane Brown in Community Hub on Jan 12, 2014 12:52:51 PM

digital_cleanup_400x266.jpgWe want to make your online professional networking the best it can be. Let's do a little digital cleaning and review, remove, reorganize, and renew the settings and content in your Thinkfinity account.



  1. After signing in to Thinkfinity, click on the small arrow next to your name in the dark red navigation bar. Select Change photo & avatar. Add, change, or remove photos here. Drag the photos to reorder. The first one is the photo that shows in your community profile. Select an avatar to avoid using that generic, blue profile that says nothing about you, or you may add one avatar of your choice to become unique.
  2. Click on the small arrow next to your name again and this time select Edit profile & privacy. Review your information and update your Biography if you have changed jobs. Check your Expertise listings as this is one way members can search for community experts. Is your Email correct so you can receive our newsletters? Anything else need updating? Save.
  3. Click on the Privacy Settings tab at the top of the Edit profile & privacy window. Confirm who may see your Profile fields. Perhaps you only want yourself to see your Personal Phone Number. On the right, you may Preview your profile by selecting from the drop down to see how Everyone, a Registered User, Friends, or Yourself will see you profile. Save.
  4. One more time, click on the small arrow next to your name. Select Preferences from the drop down. Yes! You have control of what is sent to your email inbox here. I have everything turned on but you may prefer to turn various options off, especially if you are using a school or government email. Another setting here that is very important to check and enter, if you haven't done this, is to set your Time Zone. Correctly set, it will mean that Calendar Events show start and finish time for your time zone. This is very important to you!  Save.



  1. Review your documents stored on Thinkfinity for relevancy.Remove outdated documents. Remove duplicates as Jive retains version copies should you need to compare or revert to a previous version of a document.
  2. Check your bookmarks for broken links. You may need to edit or delete some.



  1. Review and reorganize your tags. Think what others might use in their search.  It is easy to edit the tags on your profile, a document, a blog, or a bookmark and add or remove tags to improve community searches.
  2. Did you know you can upload a Document and include specific members in the collaborative development of that lesson, policy, or meeting notes? Give it a try. You won't be sorry.



  1. Review the groups you have joined or follow. We have many new groups and some major ones I suggest you might enjoy joining:
    Mobile Learning, Common Core, and a brand new group that is just starting up that I know you won't want to miss, Digital Citizenship.
  2. Don't stop here, we are a wonderful Professional Development space with great webinars to enhance your professional learning.



Good job!, now you can relax. Wait, we can continue our journey and, after tuning up your Thinkfinity account, why not freshen your Facebook account and tweak your Twitter account. Like me, you probably have multiple digital devices, such as a computer, a smartphone, and a tablet?  We would love to read your tips for cleaning up your online activities and your mobile devices! If we poke holes in this unpleasant task, by Spring we can all have our digital spring cleaning out of the way.


Please add a comment with a tip you learned in a training or at a conference.  We'd all love to read your tips for digital cleanup, rather they reference social media or any of our digital devices.


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