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Mobile Learning is in the News!

Jeanne Rogers Posted by Jeanne Rogers in Community Hub on Nov 13, 2013 2:15:07 PM

New digital devices are out, just in time for holiday shopping.  Dell has introduced the new Venue 8 Pro, which would be a great tool for students since it comes with MS Windows 8.1 and the MS Office Suite.  At a price of $299 it will be an affordable option for many. However, there are still many who are unable to afford a tablet or a phone.  Once they do purchase one, they may not be able to afford having Internet access in their homes. Internet Access for All: A New Program Targets Low-Income Students addresses this issue and has a welcome solution.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) continues to grow in popularity although folks are still concerned about how educators will monitor their classrooms and make certain students are engaged in learning for the desired outcome.  In fact, in the blog post What Can We Learn From the Global Effort Around Mobile Learning?
we read that
, “Many parents and teachers still think mobile learning and technology is not part of education,” said Vosloo. “[They think] they are more for distracting or disrupting, anything but learning. UNESCO is working hard to change that perception and to help education departments to see mobile learning as an opportunity, not a threat."

Cybersafety is on everyone's mind and schools around the globe are trying to find ways to incorporate lessons into an already packed curriculum.  As more students have access to an 'encyclopedia set in their pocket,' educators will be working on ways to harness the learning potential of mobile devices. There is a need for students to learn how to manage their time, distinguish fact versus fiction, and understand their digital footprint. Check out the
5 Excellent Twitter Hashtags to Learn More about Cybersafety.


Blog post author, Liz Logan, in 5 ways tech has changed professional development suggests that educators are using Web collaborative tools to share their knowledge. Educators are finding social media sites to be a great addition to their PLN, personal learning networks. Educators are writing blogs, using Twitter, and joining online communities to find resources and to share with others. Mobile Learning | A reflective journal on learning all the time, everywhere includes a post on the use of Twitter in the classroom.


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