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Mobile is the New Face of Engagement

Jane Brown Posted by Jane Brown in Community Hub on Oct 14, 2013 8:24:28 AM

TFCMobileApp_200x133.jpgBy 2016 one billion global users of smartphones and tablets will have mobile power in their hands. WiFi availability is exploding. The convenience of finding information in ones' moment of need drives mobile traffic and will create a big shift in engagement. How are you preparing for this future?


At least 70% of educators are buying their own smartphones, tablets, and access plans. Yes, these reasonably priced, mobile devices are so valuable at school that administrators, educators, and students are buying their own devices and bringing them to school. Is you school ready for this influx of use?


How can Thinkfinity help?

  • Thinkfinity has long provided educators with over ten thousand free, high-quality resources. Using mobile technology, educators can now access these resources whenever and where ever they have a need for these lessons, activities, features, interactives, podcasts, videos, collections, articles, calendar events, and more.
  • Thinkfinity and our Content Partners, more recently, are providing educators with many, free high-quality, educational apps.
  • Equally important is how educators are engaging in educational discussions with our Content Partner experts and colleagues throughout the United States and around the world. Of special value is this connection by rural educators who have a special need to connect with others in their teaching field.


Various free educational apps, developed by our Content Partners, and the Thinkfinity app for accessing the Thinkfinity Community can be found and downloaded in the document, Mobile Apps for Education.


I'm just beginning to learn about mobile technology.  Can Thinkfinity help me?


Discover our free webinars, view these videos, and learn to use your iPad.

  1. IPad for Beginners
  2. iPad for Intermediate/Advanced Users

Each of these webinars was presented by Chris O'Neal. (He helped me get started!)


But wait, there is more.  Thinkfinity can continue to guide you as you bring mobile learning to your classroom.  Check out additional free webinars in our Professional Development community. Learn strategies and resources specific to your subject.


You can be engaged in Thinkfinity when you are away from your computer. Mobile Learning is your future. Let Thinkfinity help prepare you and your students for a mobile future.


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