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Content Partners offer Common Core Aligned Resources

Lynne Hoffman Posted by Lynne Hoffman in Community Hub on Sep 25, 2013 10:57:14 AM

With the emphasis on Common Core standards, where can you find lesson plans, activities, videos, and more to support your curriculum?  The Verizon Thinkfinity Content Partners have just what you need!  They provide wonderful resources aligned to the Common Core to enhance your classroom instruction.


RWT-logo_trans.png  Would strategy guides that address Common Core issues be helpful?  ReadWriteThink
  features guides by grade level including some that offer Close Reading of Literary Text; help teachers Create Text-Dependent Questions; and provide suggestions to Promote Deep Thinking!  For additional strategy guides and resources aligned to the Common Core in English, check out the annotated list from ReadWriteThink.

Illum2_tiny_trans.pngIf you are looking for math interactives to teach shapes, numbers, and expressions,  Illuminations provides three applets--Pan Balance Lessons to Help Students Make Sense of Symbols & Reason Abstractly and Quantitatively.


NG2-tiny-trans.pngAre you familiar with geo-literacy?  National Geographic Education encourages teachers to make the connection between geography  and literacy by teaching students how to analyze and synthesize information across disciplines using a common vocabulary.  For more details, read about The Geography and Literacy Connection.


snl2-tiny-trans.pngFor STEM related standards, Science NetLinks has collected lessons that connect science with the Common Core.  They also feature a vlog--Common Core in the STEM Classroom--that explains how "carefully selected science literature fulfills Common Core language arts standards for the inclusion of 'informational texts.'"


edsite4-tiny-trans.pngEDSITEment! offers their top picks for teaching the Common Core standards through the humanities.  What about using the artistry of speeches to integrate social studies with language arts--Meeting ELA/Social Studies Common Core Standards through the Study of Oratory?  Consider using Robert Frost's poems for close analysis of form and content.  Evaluate a speaker’s word choice, tone, point of view, reasoning, and use of evidence and rhetoric with Emerson's writings.  Have students read from the writings of Pearl S. Buck to determine what is explicitly stated versus what requires the reader to make logical inferences.  Give new life to classics such as To Kill a Mockingbird and A Raisin in the Sun to satisfy some of the Common Core standards.  Highlight the literary achievements of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to "engage students in the study of informational texts through well-crafted language and argument that bears close scrutiny." And if you are looking for a way to bridge the divide between teaching textual support, themes, and structure, and focusing on student family issues--demands of part-time jobs, athletics, and social networking, check out The value of mixed media for English Language Arts that offers reading resources aligned to the Common Core.


To follow these partners as they feature additional Common Core resources, consider joining their groups.


Are you using other Content Partner resources that align with Common Core standards?  Please share your comments.

For more about Thinkfinity and the Common Core, check out Denise Tuck's blog Thinkfinity's Common Core Community has something for everyone.


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